Friday, January 23, 2015

I truly believe we are living in the last days.  The books I have incorporated into this web site are not strictly "last days" books.  (I hope to add at least one that fits that category someday.)  However, preparation for the last days is not just a matter of learning details of how things will play out (when the Rapture will occur, who the Antichrist is, what is the 10-nation conspiracy, etc.).  Jesus describes those who are ready and those who are not ready in Matthew 24:45-51.  You will find there that the one who is ready for his master to return is the one who is doing the master's business.  I think these books will help prepare you to do that.  God bless you as you read.
Incidentally, if you do have an interest in "how things will play out," you can read how I wrestle with those questions in my other web site:  You will find a link to that web site in the column on the right.
Bill Fitzgerrel

THE BIG PICTURE is a blend of three themes:

  • It is centered around helping the Christian (and the inquirer) deal with troubles.  
  • Related to this is answering the question:  Why do bad things happen?  Two traditional titles for that kind of study are "The Problem of Evil" and "Theodicy" (defending God when the question is asked:  How can a good God allow evil?)
  • It is my contention that when a Christian takes into account the entire work of God in redemption through Jesus Christ, he or she is better able to cope with problems and troubles in life.  Rather than asking God to change the "little picture" of one troublesome problem, one accepts that God is dealing with all bad stuff through His ultimate victory in Jesus Christ.  
As I develop these themes, I also attempt to give a fairly rounded picture of the Christian life.  I hope through this picture to help a person incorporate a Christian perspective into all aspects of life.
I hope that this book ministers to you in the good and the bad times of life.  Click on each button to read that part of the book.  (You need to read in sequence.)

THE RIGHT TO RAISE A RUCKUS is a series of stories loosely based on passages from Luke 17 and 18.  The stories are...
  • KIDS--Jesus said it was better to sink with a millstone than offend a little one.  A minister befriends a boy who is exposed to adult dishonesty.
  • FLOORS--Jesus described what it is to be a servant (in answer to the disciples' request for more faith).  A young man building a small business pushes himself through weariness at the end of the day.
  • THANKSGIVING--Only one leper thanked Jesus.  A young man goes to see the doctor who cured him.
  • SIGHT--Jesus said the Kingdom is not observed but experienced.  A pastor discovers where true spirituality is found.
  • INVESTMENT--Jesus warned that, when He comes, it will be like a lightning stroke and surprise those who are not ready.  A man does not look back when his investment pays off.
  • HAROLD CRUSE--Jesus compared the response of God to persistent prayer to the response of a grumpy judge who responds to the persistent requests of a widow.  A bully helps a little old lady from his past.
  • JACKIE DRINAN--Jesus described a repentant tax collector who was justified and a prideful Pharisee who was not.  A polished minister is visited by his red-neck relatives.
  • KLUTZY--Jesus said we must become children to enter the Kingdom.  A clown tries to get through to his son.
  • ENZYME--Jesus called upon a rich young ruler to give up the riches he grasped in order to grasp the kingdom.  A professor makes a choice.
  • CHLOE--Jesus told His disciples of the cross that was waiting for Him.  A nosy neighbor misjudges a young woman, as do others in the community.
  • THE RIGHT TO RAISE A RUCKUS--Jesus stopped everything to respond to the blind beggar who would not shut up.  A business man deals with his mess of a son.
Click on each button to read that particular story.  (You need not read in sequence.)